Dahn means energy in Korean and Dahn Yoga is based on East Asian understanding of life energy. Dahn Yoga is designed to help the practitioner develop self-awareness and improve the circulation of energy in the body through meridian stretching, ki-gong, healing martial arts and meditation. Dahn Yoga is committed to creating authentic opportunities for individuals to improve their quality of life, creating health, happiness and peace. With the regular practice you will be able to increase your flexibility, strength and balance, restore a proper breathing, as well as help your body detox and manage your health and emotions. The simple exercises are suitable for people of all ages and ability levels.

Our centres offer tranquil, warm, light and welcoming spaces where you can easily tune out of all business and stress around you and go within. Broad range of classes and workshops, private training, healing and massage sessions will help you deepen your practice and advance your personal growth. Our experienced teachers will guide you with sincerity and sensitivity to your individual condition and needs. Contact us to arrange a 1:1 intro session by clicking on the above links for your closest centre.

Our mission is to widely benefit humanity and create a better world by awakening the best in the human spirit. We live our mission every day by delivering integrative guidance for healthy, mindful, and sustainable living to individuals, groups, and communities.

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